Today I decided to give myself the gift of joy for my birthday. Even if only for today, I decided to choose myself over all the other stresses plaguing my life at this time. My decision started last night after seeing Unspoken. The song I’ve Got Joy really resinated with me, and I realized that it is up to me to choose joy. Each day is a NEW day, and I am the only one that can extract myself from those that are causing me grief and pain so that I can begin to focus on my own life again, instead of letting their life and needs and stresses swallow me alive. So, for today, my birthday, and the beginning of a new year, I am choosing to be joyful for the opportunity to celebrate another day.


Relaxing until time for a road trip.




Spent the better part of the day in the car with my sister, nephew, and my kids traveling back from my mom’s 75th birthday party. It was a day full of mixed emotions…heartache, laughter, tears, and love. Distractions upon me that everyone could see. Singing Country Roads in the car with the family, laughing hysterically over being frightened by the blaring radio. Moments of fun and laughter that I’ve not had much of lately.

Family…it’s a shame we sometimes push them away when they are the ones that care and love us the most, even when we have blinders on and cannot see. It is they that try to lend a hand and lead the way when we are feeling lost and alone. Our families know us best and only want happiness for us…this I know.




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